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In the summer of 2024, The CLYLP Comcast Fellowship celebrates its 15th year of providing CLYLP undergrad alumni an opportunity to learn more about California state government and the dynamics of public policy!

Through a generous grant from Comcast and in partnership with the California Latino Legislative Caucus, the California State University, Sacramento-Center for California Studies, the University of California Center in Sacramento, the University of Southern California, CLYLP sponsors a five-week fellowship program for CLYLP alumni who have completed at least their first-year of college/university studies.


While in this intensive fellowship program, participants will follow a rigorous curriculum that builds on prior training provided by CLYLP that includes:

  • Mentorship with an individual in the Capitol Community who can help the Fellow understand the legislative process;

  • An academically designed curriculum and assignments focused on the inner workings of California government as well as current and future statewide policy issues;

  • Opportunities for close interaction and discussions with leading state policy makers;

  • Intensive training around “issues-based organizing” and the factors/strategies influencing policy makers.



Fellows will each receive a scholarship of $3,000 for the five-week period; these funds will be disbursed in installments as part of successful completion of components of the program.



Each fellow will receive a Capitol mentor during the five (5) weeks to support their internship.


The fellows will be provided with paid housing and will have access to public transportation in order to complete their assigned internship at the State Capitol and attend academic course sessions and policy briefings in downtown Sacramento. Fellows must pay for their public transportation costs (discount public transit fares are available to fellows while they are interning at the Capitol) and provide (and pay for) their own transportation to and from Sacramento, at the beginning and the conclusion of the Fellowship.


Through CLYLP partners, fellows will have the opportunity to engage key leaders in various sectors of California’s life and culture. Virtual Site visits and informal gatherings will be provided through the month-long program, designed to build community and expand the fellows’ leadership and support network.



The fellows will receive exposure to a leadership curriculum that includes a focus on the inner workings of California government, the factors influencing policy makers and current and future policy issues facing California taught by academic faculty and leaders within the state. In addition, the fellows will have the opportunity to participate on a panel during the Sacramento (Statewide) Leadership Conference and may have the opportunity to participate in the SLC ‘Capitol Day.’


  • Be an alumnus of CLYLP (by having completed at least one of the following programs: CLYLP Statewide Leadership Conference (including the virtual program), CLYLP Central Valley Institute, CLYLP Los Angeles Institute or CLYLP Bay Area Institute);

  • Demonstrated leadership in their community since having participated in a CLYLP high school program.

  • Completed at minimum one full-time year of undergraduate studies at an accredited college or university (including community college), and, in the fall of 2024, must be returning to their undergraduate studies as a full-time student at their college or university. Alumni who have previously completed their undergraduate studies and have already graduated are not eligible; alumni who are currently pursuing a Master’s or PhD degree are not eligible.

  • Commit to continuously being in Sacramento from June 21 – July 27, 2024, and fulfill all the requirements of the program. Personal weekend travel within these dates is not allowed and will only be approved on a case-by-case basis – in an emergency, or if discussed and approved prior to the start of the fellowship program.

The CLYLP Comcast Fellowship is made possible through generous grant from Comcast, and in partnership with the California Latino Legislative Caucus, the California State University, Sacramento-Center for California Studies, the University of California Center at Sacramento and the University of Southern California.

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