CLYLP 2020 is Going Virtual

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Application Resources

Do you work with California youth who you believe could benefit from a CLYLP Program? Check out our toolkits to promote CLYLP programs! 

Apply By Mail

If you are unable to complete the online application, you may mail your completed application. 

Frequently asked questions

What is the status of my application?

After your application has been submitted, you may check HERE for the status of your application. You will need your application number when searching. Please allow 2 business days for your status to be updated.

Can my recommenders send their forms directly to CLYLP?

ONLINE APPLICATION: If you are applying online, you must upload the PDF form from your recommender with your application before submission. PAPER APPLICATION: If you submit a paper application via U.S. mail, you must mail the form from your recommender in the same envelope as your application. The recommendation letter can be sealed in an envelope within the application packet, or simply placed in the packet.

Can I apply to multiple programs?

CLYLP's high school programs in 2020 will be one virtual program. No matter which program you select on your application, you will be considered for the CLYLP 2020 program

What is the cost to attend a CLYLP Program?

All CLYLP programs are FREE of cost to students and their families. Lodging, meals, and travel (if applicable) are provided by CLYLP.

What grade level must students be in to apply?

Students must be a high school sophomore or junior at the time of application for all of CLYLP’s high school programs.

How do I submit my official transcript?

ONLINE APPLICATION: If the student is applying online, the student must scan the transcript into a PDF file and upload it to the online application. If the transcript came in a sealed envelope, the document must be opened. PAPER APPLICATION: If the student is submitting a paper application via U.S. mail, the student must mail the transcript (if it is sealed in an envelope, keep it sealed) together with the rest application materials.

Can I edit my application after I submit?

No. You are unable to edit the app after submission, but you are able to save your application as a draft and finish it later. Be sure to remember your login so you are able to access your application!

I don't identify as Chicano or Latino, can I apply?

Yes! Students of all identities are welcomed to apply!

I've been asked to be a recommender, how can I submit my letter?

ONLINE APPLICATION: If the student is applying online, you must give her/him a PDF version of your recommendation form. The student will upload the PDF file on to the online application system. PAPER APPLICATION: If your student is submiting a paper application via U.S. mail, you must hand the form to the student. The student must mail the letter together with the rest of the application materials. You can hand the letter to the student in a sealed envelope, or not. It is up to you.

When will I be notified if I was accepted?

Notifications will begin in May after all applications are reviewed and scored.

Can both my recommenders be educators or community leaders, or do I have to have one of each?

In an effort to learn more about you in various aspects of your life, your recommendation letters should come from each othe requested categories.

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